Climate Change “Settled or Unsettled?” By Tom Black

Tom Black

Well, it looks like North America has finally gotten the right people in place to get the work done to save the world from us capitalist, low-life, knuckle-dragging Neanderthals. They think that heating our homes with oil or wood in subarctic Canadian winters, plowing roads using diesel fuel in trucks so food and building supplies can be delivered, is a terrible thing.

Prime Minister Trudeau with Ms. Sophie in tow and Joe Biden now have the control to push their respective countries to push to have the internal combustion engine, outlawed by 2030 – that’s nine years folks.

Now I am not against electric cars, tractors, trucks, trains, or planes. It would be great not to have to listen to that noisy clacking diesel engine or breath its fumes and who miss changing those dirty black oil and slippery filters? Oh! But I fear that trying to move so quickly to change to a whole new concept in powering our transportation, manufacturing, heating, and cooking plus food production, will be a disaster that will destroy the economy of our North American society, if not re-evaluated and allowed to change as technology is developed to accommodate that change.

Politicians who have seemingly come to believe ‘what the imagination of cartoonists draw’ as future life on this planet will look like, have now gotten into positions of power and have bypassed the common sense calls from people who live and work in the real world with nature, in all its glory and fierceness. This is like building another Titanic that couldn’t sink and therefore didn’t really need to have enough lifeboats.

So back to my electric, quiet tractor of the future, blowing snow from the farm lanes and feeding cattle at -25 degree Celsius in a January blizzard. What size of battery will I need to move the tractor, push the snow, run the lights, wipers, and heater for eight hours a day? Then we get to summer and the hours are more than likely going to be 16 hours with the ‘air’ on.

I am convinced that no one in power, dreaming these grandiose changes, has ever been in that -25 o C tractor. Unfortunately, many of these politicians think they have to save the world from burning up by 2040 because there is a very hyper motivated group of people throughout the world that have been brainwashed by the ‘sky is falling’ rhetoric that has been promoted by emotional pleas from people like David Suzuki and Al Gore. These partial truth theories have been developed into a fullblown forecast for our world future that has been taught to our innocent children while we were not paying attention. We should have made the architects of these theories prove what they were saying before allowing them to teach it to our kids.

Someone who did a lot of fact checking in the past 20 years (besides Dr. Tim Ball) is Steve Koonin. He is a physicist who taught physics for nearly 30 years at ColTech. He has had a lot of opportunity to be involved in many boards and committees. He was also Undersecretary of Science for the US Department of Energy for the Obama government. He has also written a new book about what he found out after poring over many reports from the UN, the US government and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). The quote that he repeats from what he learned is “Science doesn’t say what you think it says.” He just released a new book in May 2021 that he called “Unsettled” and in it he doesn’t dispute that there is a climate change, but he says, “when you study these reports there is no support for that kind of hysteria at all!” In this case he was referring to President Joe Bidens statement that climate change as an “existential threat”.

According to Koonin, the reports say that:

  1. The highest recorded temperatures haven’t gone up in 60 years.
  2. That global temperature has only risen 1o Celius in the last century
  3. Heat waves are no more common today than they were in 1900
  4. No detectable human influences on hurricanes
  5. Global area burn by wildfires has declined by 25% since between 2003-2020 which is one of the lowest activities on record
  6. Sea levels are still rising at about 1 ft. per century
  7. If the U.S. went to ‘O’ carbon emissions it would only reduce the CO2 in the world by 15%
  8. On the economic side, he says that if the temperature went up 3 to 4 degrees globally, there would be a minimal impact on the global economy.

His conclusion is that “the models we produce to predict the future climate have become more uncertain as they become more sophisticated which is opposite to what one would expect.”

I hope some common sense can be brought to bear on this whole scenario where the fix to a perceived problem, becomes the destruction of our world as we know it. Politicians and their influences some day very soon, have to be convinced not to jump off the cliff like a bunch of lemmings and take the rest of us with them.

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