Bank of Canada interest rates, inflation and debt. By: Old Rooster

OLD ROOSTER here, and I twas listen to the Farmer and his Misses, yesterday bout that there Bank of Canada interest rate that might be comin’ down.  Now just hold on there.  Are you all gonna buy into that?  Think bout this, and the Farmer, includin’ his Misses, is sayin that thems that be thinkin’ this is gonna bring back the economy should be given their heads a shake.

It’s like this, accordin’ to the Farmer.  He be sayin’ that if’n that Bank be bringin’ down them interest rates then the yungin’s is just gonna go and start spendin’ like a bunch of drunkin sailers.  Course he don’t be meanin’ any offence to them sailers but you all got to admit when they hit them ports and it’s a Saturday night – well the beer and the money does kind all flow, now don’t it?

See, if’n folks start back to puttin’ more and more on credit causin’ them interest rates is goin’ down what the heck is they gonna do when inflation starts back up agin?  Then there’s the interest rates on houses.  Sure, it might be goin’ down a quarter percent but is that enough to be doin’ the chicken dance for?

We all gots to be understandin’ that the price of food, gas, clothes, well just bout everything is still bouncin’ around.  Then there be the taxes, specially that new capital gains tax.  WWHHOOEEE that sure is gonna be guttin the economy.  And it aint just the big boys.  That there tax is on all of the small business and folks that have worked hard and are just tryin’ to make a better life for themselves and their families.  Don’t know what sneaky sly fox came up with that one but maybe it’s time to show who it aint gonna affect.

It aint gonna be affectin’ them big guys, that is the sneaky sly foxes, that have their money off shore.  They know’d what twere comin so they just took their money and put it in a bank in Cancoon or somethin’, cause they knows you all caint afford them big time lawyers or accountants.  They be the ones settin’ the rules for all you little guys that is farmers and that’s where the farmer comes in.  He be sayin’ that maybe that there exemption the farmers have from the senior to the junior get’s removed causin’ that changes to that there Income Tax Act.  You know them sneaky sly fox bare trusts and arrangements.  Yup, seems that kind of exempts that exemption causin’ a lot of farmers put’s their juniors on title to the land afore them be transferrin’ when Senior retires. 

There’s a lot of sneaky sly fox thingies happenin’ these days and it all get’s whittled down to money.  See we all got’s to be understandin’ this here government is just plain out of money and to get inflation down, causin’ of all that money they had been printin,’ they had to put interest rates up.  Now they done that they just caint stop taxin’ folks to try and fill the government coffers back up.  They need folks to be out there buyin’ stuff so you all be payin’ that G.S.T. thingie; that there carbon tax, whichin’ they charge that G.S.T. on; and they all need you folks to put yourselves way bigger into debt.  They say that’s gonna fix the economy when it seems all it’s gonna be doin’ is fillin’ government coffers and emptyin’ your bank accounts, pushin’ us all further into that inflation dungeon all over again.

This is the OLD ROOSTER saying WAKE UP AND SMELL THE COFFEE, that there PM, and his sneaky sly foxes, aint lookin’ for folks to have a better life, and it seems he and his financial sneaky sly foxes is settin you all up for an even bumpier ride where it aint gonna be split milk, but it’s gonna be that mighty fine cup of coffee that’s gonna be wasted, causin’ of them bumpy roads this here sneaky sly foxe government is takin’ you all down…