Attention Landowner Magazine Readers by Tom and Marlene Black

Marlene Black

I am writing this letter to all of our subscribers to let you know what has been happening with the Landowner Magazine. First of all, thank you to all of our readers, writers and advertisers who have supported this labour of love. It was November 2006 when we first decided to take the plunge and try and produce this magazine. It was an enormous and challenging learning curve, but we have loved doing it.

Although we both feel strongly about the issues that we write about and enjoy working on it very much, we are having to deal with some hard facts and a dose of reality. The subscriber base for the magazine is not growing. In fact, it is decreasing. Although it was never a ‘profitable business venture’, it has covered all of the costs to produce it, thanks to the many volunteers who have contributed to the content. We felt that it was a great vehicle to get our stories in print and to get publicity for the many rural problems that we see across the province.

Unfortunately, with all of the rising costs associated with printing, mailing and producing the magazine, it not feasible anymore to continue with a print issue. In order to keep the subscription costs lower, it was a volunteer job for me, but I am winding it down now and there is no one to take it over. This will be the last print issue.

However, for all those who have paid for a one year or two-year subscription, I will continue to produce it and they will be able to access the online issues as well as all back issues. We are working on the details.

For those who do not want to read the magazine online, I have back issues and could perhaps mail out a bundle to those who request them. Please call me at 613-831-2642 to discuss what we could do. I have issues from 2007 up to the present.

This has been a very difficult decision for us but unfortunately, we had no choice. I plan to keep the magazine going until June 2020 online. I am very sorry for any inconvenience it has caused anyone.


Tom and Marlene Black