A Constitutional Challenge regarding Crown Land Patents

The Ontario Landowners Association has long believed in the importance of Crown Land Patents, our root of title for our land. Landowner associations in Hamilton-Halton and Niagara have been researching and compiling relevant information and case law that supports the position that rights granted through the sovereign should be respected. Thousands of hours and tens of thousands of dollars have got them to where they are today.  The next step is to fund a Constitutional Challenge and proceed to the Courts.   The goal is to re-establish and have acknowledged and respected the rights given and granted to the original grantee by the reigning Sovereign, his heirs and successors, when our land was alienated from the Crown and put in private ownership.

To find out more about this exciting initiative, visit www.patentresearch.ca.

To learn about why Crown Land Patents are important, and to join the discussion, join the Facebook group Constitutional Challenge on Property Rights https://www.facebook.com/groups/436463363803691/.

And finally, let’s support this project by contributing to the cause, online at www.gofundme.com/your-patented-property-rights or by sending a cheque payable to Upper Canada Land Titles and Patent Research Initiative and mailing it to Erica Furney, 51 Thorold Avenue, Port Robinson, Ontario. L0S 1K0.

Think about the possibilities of a win!  Precedent could result in ALL provincial legislation and policy, as pertains to private property granted before Confederation, ALL municipal bylaw and policy and all associated restrictions put in place by agencies like Conservation, Heritage, OSPCA being limited to public lands.

Our thanks to the Upper Canada Land Titles and Patent Research Initiative Team:

Anthony Kaluzny, President, Phone:  (905) 643-2600, Email:  akaluzny@cogeco.ca

Erika Furney, Treasurer, Phone:  (905) 933-5678, Email:  gefurney@gmail.com

Joan Olech, Secretary, Phone:  (905) 616-5115, Email:  joan.olech@c21.ca

And to Elizabeth Marshall, (Property Rights 101) for getting us headed in the right direction!