A Commentary on Today’s World by Tom Black

Tom Black

It seems that the world as we know it has taken a terrible turn for the worse in the last few years. Maybe our generation, on this continent, has been somewhat isolated to drastic change for most of our life and that has left us somewhat naïve as to what could happen in the future.

All through history, there has been strife and disasters throughout the world, and we read about it with a curiosity to find the reasons why situations evolved into conflict, invasions, wars, massacres, displaced people, homeless and starving. The difference now is that for the last 25 years we have had front row seats as the history of the future is playing out in full colour on our electronic devices via the internet.

Part of our history of the future will lay bare how the players of the world handled the Covid crisis. Here in the present, it is not hard to sympathize with politicians who have to make the “damned if you do and damned if you don’t” decisions as to shutdowns, opening up, one jab, two jabs or more boosters or vaccination passports. OK. That’s one thing but the corruption that took Ivermectin, and Hydroxychloroquine out of the medical toolbox is unforgiveable when there was early promise that these drugs improved the conditions of Covid patients especially when given at the early stages of the virus. Hydroxychloroquine has been used to prevent and treat malaria since the 1950’s and anyone traveling to countries with that risk, got the shot before leaving home to travel. How could the medical society of two well educated countries like Canada and the USA, allow themselves to be manipulated by politicians and big Pharma at the expense of the lives of the patients that they swore an oath to protect?

This brings me back to creating history and the present-day politics that affect us here in Ontario. Firstly, Doug Ford won the election in Ontario promising to dismantle the McGuinty/Wynne Green Energy Act. Anyone who looked at that Act with a shred of common sense or accountability realized how corrupt the insider deals were, and that was why the people voted the Liberals almost out of existence. Mr. Ford seemed to live up to his promise on a few windmills but now it would seem that he is right back where Wynne left off, with Eastern Ontario having these wind turbines popping up all over North Stormont Township.

Now the City of Ottawa has pledged to go to all electric transportation by the year 2030, and to do that they are looking to put up 710 wind turbines in Ottawa. Since they don’t build windmills in the downtown area, we must assume that they will go on farmland. That’s a lot of roadways that will have to be built across farmland, a lot of poles and wires to connect them, a lot of noise, light flicker, ice fling and low frequency air vibration pollution for the people in the rural to learn to live with. Will Doug Ford stand up to his promise? All he has to do is have a proper accounting done of the costs of production of wind energy verses the environmental cost of thousands of tons of concrete, steel and plastic that mostly don’t produce more than 30% of their rated power.

Further to our creating history! Is there a Federal Conservative party in Canada? It would seem to me that Erin O’Toole has lived up to who he was before he ran for leader of the Conservative Party. Every writer that assessed Mr. O’Toole before he ran, recognized that he was a very red Tory. Then he ran as a hard right, blue Tory. Oh, but not for long. He quickly turned his back on letting the Pro-life people have a voice, and then he flipped on the Carbon Tax. Looking at this with some common sense, one would have to assume that he made a deal to help Trudeau gain a super majority.

My suggestion to change the history we are now living, would be for all Conservative MP’s, to stand up for us, their constituents and have a non-confidence vote and get rid of Erin O’Toole. They could replace him with an interim leader before an election could be called. I would suggest Leslyn Lewis, the leadership candidate who won the popular vote. She was well supported by the west and Ontario but criticized for not being able to speak French. However, that now has changed since Prime Minister Trudeau has appointed a new Governor General who also cannot speak French, and no one seems to mind. Therefore, appoint Leslyn Lewis as interim leader, win the election and change the future and history.