OLA International Property Rights Conference

The Ontario Landowners Association is hosting an International Property Rights Conference on Saturday, October 4th. This will be a full day session designed to explore the experiences and knowledge of a number of high profile individuals who are advocating for private property rights in their countries.

The OLA has invited speakers from three countries that share a British heritage and thus a foundation in Common Law. Len Harris, a former senator in Queensland, Australia, considers Crown Land Patents to be important documents that guarantee property rights. The OLA News did an article on Harris in December 2013 and now we have the opportunity to hear first-hand what this advocate of property rights has to say.

Other speakers on the Crown Land Patents include Ron Gibson. Ron has studied law and although not a lawyer, he is considered an expert on the Patents. The OLA News also wrote about Ron this past January 2014.

No discussion on property rights and Land Patents would be complete without Elizabeth (Liz) Marshal, the OLA’s Director of Research. Liz was instrumental in connecting both Len Harris and Ron Gibson to the OLA and setting the foundation for the Conference.

Finally, we have invited Tom DeWeese, founder and president of the American Policy Centre and editor of the DeWeese Report to participate as a speaker. DeWeese is one of America’s leading advocates of individual liberty free enterprise, private property rights, personal privacy, back-to-basics education and American sovereignty and independence. Mr. Deweese has been a successful advocate for the removal of Agenda 21 from numerous states.

Find out how you can attend this important conference by visiting our Events page.