Landowner Voices

The Ontario Landowners Association is pleased to announce our new online publication “Landowner Voices”.

The first edition is scheduled to be published in September 2019.

Some facts about the new Landowner Voices:

  • Its free!
  • It will feature articles and stories about property rights, the activities of the Ontario Landowners Association, and much more.
  • It will be published every two months starting with the September/October edition, followed by the November/December edition, and so on …
  • It will be available online only – no print version.
  • Did we mention that its FREE?

We intend the Landowner Voices to be an outlet for news on what’s happening in Ontario, in Canada, and around the world. While the focus is on property rights issues, the publication will also include human interest stories and a few articles on the light side.

Landowner Voices editor Marlene Black is looking for contributors. Whether it’s an occasional submission or a regular column, she’d like to hear from you.

There are also advertising opportunities at reasonable prices.

Contact Marlene at 613-831-2642 or by email at