Third “Municipal Law Seminar” Was a Huge Success!

Published October 1, 2013

The Ontario Landowners Association’s third “Municipal Law Seminar” was a huge success, with an attendance of 200 plus. The people who attended left the seminar armed with new knowledge that will serve them well when dealing their Municipality and the Province.

Many of the attendees took notes that amounted to small novels, and dozens made video and audio recordings. Unfortunately the ones who needed to hear what was presented, our municipal representatives, were not in attendance. The Ontario Landowners Association and its research team now know the Ontario Municipal Act completely as well as the Planning Act and many other provincial acts. The OLA and its 30,000 members now know the Law and the intent of the legislation. “Bottom Line” -municipalities and the province have no authority on Private Property. If they don’t own it they can’t plan for it, zone it, or designate it.

The Crown Domain has been removed from patented lands or Private Property. This does not mean property owners, urban or rural can do whatever they want. No one is above the Law. In Ontario these Documents have become so large that none of elected officials read them. Every person in Ontario has been denied access to the Law and their right to the enjoyment of property.

A full house at the Niagara Falls Landowner Association’s Municipal Law Seminar

A full house at the Niagara Falls Landowner Association’s Municipal Law Seminar

DVD’s will be available from the Niagara Landowners Association.

Thank you everyone for your attendance and participation.

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