News on the Appeal of the Attorney General of Ontario and Jeffery Bogaerts

Published July 1, 2019

The hearing for the appeal of the Attorney General of Ontario and Jeffery Bogaerts is scheduled for Tuesday, October 1, 2019, at 10:00 a.m., at the Court of Appeal for Ontario, 130 Queen Street West, Toronto.

The case now has possibly four intervenors:

  • Animal Justice Canada: AJC were intervenors in the original court case and have been given leave as intervenors in the appeal.
  • The Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario has also been given leave as an intervenor.
  • The Attorney General of Canada, as of right.
  • The Canadian Civil Liberties Association is also seeking permission from the courts to intervene.

Our website has been updated with documents concerning the intervenors and more will be posted as they become available. For example, the factums for Animal Justice Canada and the Information and Privacy Commissioner can be found here:

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