Jeff Bogaerts welcomes David Piccini as Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks

Published July 1, 2021
Jeff Bogaerts

Jeff Bogaerts

Minister Piccini, The Ontario Landowners Association congratulates you on your recent appointment as Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks.

When Mr. Yurek was Minister, the OLA established a productive working relationship, and we look forward to continuing and building upon this same relationship with your Ministry.

Since our inception in 2003, the OLA has accumulated significant experience and information which we continuously add to our body of knowledge and offer freely to the public on our two websites, Facebook page and YouTube Channel. As we offered Minister Yurek, we offer the same to you and that is our knowledge and experience in Private Property Rights.

The owner of Private Property is the best steward of the land. Whether a condo, a home in a sub-division, a home with acreage, a multi-generational farm, or an empty lot, no one has more personal investment in the land than that of the Private Landowner.

Minister Piccini, we look forward to continuing our working relationship with your Ministry and the Ford government to reach a balance between the needs of the people and the needs of the environment. We thank-you for the good work you are doing as an MPP and the future good work you will be doing as Minister of Environment, Conservation and Parks

Jeff Bogaerts, President, Ontario Landowners Association